Wedding Consultations

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Congratulations! He FINALLY asked! Even though it seemed like he never would, we know you have probably considered every detail of this day, right? Hopefully your plans include some sort of cake event, because really, what’s a wedding without a cake? Better yet, what’s a wedding without cupcakes?!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and there is a lot to be done, including the cake. We specialize in cupcake creations perfect for your big day. Each wedding is different and we take that into consideration, so please contact us so that we can discuss YOUR wedding ideas. In the meantime, here is how we operate and suggestions we have:

1. Set-up a wedding consultation. Our wedding consultations give us the opportunity to share our work with you and let your tastes be the judge as to whether or not we fit into your plans. Consultations are $25 and included are 1 dozen cupcakes (in up to 5 different flavor selections) for the Bride and Groom to sample along with 2 bottles of water. We will deliver the cupcakes to your home (or location of choice) and spend an hour going over what you like and your ideas for your wedding. If you secure your date with a deposit, we will waive the tasting fee.

2. Secure your date. You can lock in the date of your wedding with a $100 deposit. In exchange, we will deliver a contract that will need to be returned no later than 3 weeks from your wedding date.

3. Choose your flavors. The only work left for you to do when it comes to the cupcakes is decide on which flavors you’d like. Keep in mind that while cupcakes offer variety, too much variety can cause guests to want to sample more than 1 cupcake.  We suggest you plan 1-1.5 cupcakes per person, however if you are planning on having an additional dessert spread 1 cupcake per person would be sufficient.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

How will we do the cake cutting ceremony with cupcakes?

We offer the option of baking you a 6″ round cake that you can use as your cake to cut as well as your 1 year anniversary cake. 6″ round cakes are an additional $30 charge.

How are the cupcakes displayed at my wedding?

We offer a cupcake tier stand that holds approx. 230 cupcakes. We recommend placing a 6″ round “cutting cake on the top tier or a decorative piece that compliments your wedding decor.

We will also decorate the stand adding accents such as ribbon, flowers, cake toppers etc. An additional charge may be required for materials.

Who will set-up my cupcake display?

Our team will make sure that every detail in relation to the cupcakes is taken care of. We will arrange with you in advance any decorative items that need to be included, however set-up is part of the service we provide.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for taking the time to consider Topped with Buttercream for your big day!